Saturday, December 6, 2008

FIRST FIRDAY!! :) Artwalk

Ana And Denise :) Glow sticks :)

LAughing haha Listening to music :D (skwirt)




First Friday's- it happens in the middle of downtown phoenix
it is, its kinda hard too explain really well there's....... 
-Live Bands
-People singing
-posers haha!
-live art
-dogs n sweaters
-people in sweaters
and much more!!
Im glad i got to spend it with my close friends ;)
it happens every first friday of the month :)


PORCHE ` said...

looks like alot of fuuuunn !

Tuotierugif >^..^<© said...

This seems like so much fun! I wish my town had something like this going on lol

Alyssa Baby :] said...

LOL does it really?!
thanks for the headsuppp! :]

hi my names alyssa! and its nice to meee you sorta kindaaa ahaha :D
and thanks for subbing to mee LOL
just to let yu know my life isn't so interestingg LOL ;]

iM.R0Ni said...

looks like hella fun. i wanna goo.

Anonymous said...

You hoes look like fun!!!!

I wish you would have invited me...

Anonymous said...

*wipes sweat*


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Alyssa Baby :] said...

babygirl i just tagged you! enjoy ;]

GeneEunit said...

buenos dias.

dope blog kiddo, thanks for the comments.

Anonymous said... look so hot in your hot pink pants...

Anonymous said...

ooo fun fun fun =]

love the flicks

Anonymous said...

omg 1st friday was so freakin fun that is something I SERIOUSLY miss about Vegas =[[

Anonymous said...

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